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Pink Mask’s goal is to create high quality products that are also eco-friendly and healthy! 


Pink Mask is a nail product company founded in 2015 by a group of young, passionate entrepreneurs! The first product created by Pink Mask and the origin of its name was a pink nail mask applied to the skin surrounding the nail plate that peels off after application to avoid enamel spots on the skin. From there, many more nail products were developed and the company continues to grow! 


The company’s goal is to create high quality products that are both environmentally friendly and healthy! Our products are vegan (100% free of animal content). We also do not engage in any animal testing because we believe that animal testing is a form of animal cruelty. Lastly, we care about your health! Our formula is 13-free, meaning that it does not contain 13 common chemicals that are harmful for your nails and respiratory health. To read more about our 13-free formula, click here! Our gel nail polishes were originally created for professional nail technician use, however our company is expanding to provide individual customers with high quality products at competitive prices! 


While we sell nail products, that is only one half of our story! Our mission is to support women in the nail industry in their journey to financial independence. One way that we achieve this goal is through our program, Pink Mask Academy. Pink Mask Academy provides classes and training for aspiring nail technicians. The first step to achieving any long term goal is financial independence. We truly believe in female empowerment and hope to support women pursuing their ambitions. Due to the global pandemic, we will be shifting these classes online and hope to reach a greater audience of aspiring nail artists. 


We are currently launching our 52 gel colors in the United States and hope to have our other products such as stamping plates, nail tools, and nail care products in the future!

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